Monday, February 10, 2014

Our Creative Space

Hello everyone !!

I am back with my second post of the day , this one is for BBTB2 !
If you are looking for my project for Craftin'Desert Divas 
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We were asked to share our creative spaces with you this week .

I used to have my room upstairs , the walls were a dark chocolate brown .
When I became pregnant with my son Anthony ,
 I decided (at 3 1/2 months pregnant)
that I needed to transfer my scrapbook room downstairs to the playroom area ,
and make the upstairs bedroom into the nursery/playroom .
So , on that day pregnant and all,
 I started moving as much as I could downstairs .
Then I went out and picked out the paint
 to match the pillows in my front living room , (the colors are green , chocolate and tan ).
I wanted to paint , I actually love painting ,
 so I made sure it was safe for me and the baby .
In one day and most of the night I had my newest scrapbook room !!!

It is always a work in progress in my mind ,
since I add things here and there .
My wonderful brother in law installed my chandelier
( I shared pictures of when he did it in a previous post ) .
I truly enjoy my space , and feel it fits me perfectly.
I am truly thankful and blessed to have my own space to create .  

I actually have the drawers and cabinet organized (took me a while , but I did it ) !!

Yes I  am a paper hoarder !!! 
I admit that , I believe you can't have enough paper !!

I hope you enjoy seeing where we all create from ! 

Hope you have a wonderful day !! 

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