Thursday, April 26, 2018

Daniel Smith or Prima Watercolors ?

Hello and happy Thursday everyone!! 
I am stopping by to share a couple of 
watercolored cards I created. In between my Copic
coloring, I have been practicing and trying out new 

Do you have a favorite brand of watercolors? 
I am going deeper into the wonderful world of watercolor, the talent is AMAZING. 
I have been curious to expand my collection. 
I have been hearing wonderful things about Daniel Smith 
and Prima watercolors. I usually use Winsor&Newton or Kuretake Real Brush Pens. 
I do love those brand. I am just curious to try new brands and see how they work. 

I am also catching up on creating birthday cards. The cake image from 
the Concord & 9th Happy Day stamp set was perfect for the theme and to practice with 
the new watercolors. 

This is the card I colored using Daniel Smith colors. 
I should have written down the colors I used as I was using them ( I apologize if I forget any, I will remember to write them as I go next time).

I tried to use the similar colors. 
For the Daniel Smith colors I know I used Deep Scarlet, Permanent Brown 
(these are now two of my FAVE colors) and Indigo along with Payne's Blue Gray
for the flowers. 

 This is the prima watercolored one. I used the Decadent Pies, Tropicals, and Classics sets. 
For the flowers, I used from the Decadent Pies Guava Meringue, Apple, Pecan, and Blackberry. 

I am very impressed with both brands. 
I can't pick a favorite. 
I love the colors, how they blend, the different look of each one. 

I am hoping to color another of these images using Winsor&Newton colors, I need a couple more to match this color theme. Once I have those I will color the image and share all three cards side by side. 

For the Daniel Smith colors, they are an investment. I asked the super talented Rubeena from a Rare Ruby's craft blog what watercolors she used and recommends. She suggested the dot chart, and it is absolutely worth it! I was happy to find these and the dot chart at a local art store( LOVE it). Now I have a wishlist. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by! 
Wishing you a wonderful and Blessed day!! 


  1. Actually Prima watercolors are chalky so it is of low quality. If u were a painter u would never get them. Daniel Smith ones
    Are better but are for beginners too.

    If u want to buy paints, get White Nights (Stalingrad), Winsor & Newton (cotman or pro), schmincke, holbein or my fav - sennelier (natural picments, added honey).

    All those watercolor paints for crafters are all chalky.

    Also papier counts. Best is 100% cotton (Arches for example) or a
    „No warping” paper (canson has some).

    I personally use hot press as i like the smooth surface

    1. Ania, thank you for taking the time to comment. I love the Winsor & Newton brand. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the Prima watercolors, I did notice the chalkiness. I have Holbein as well and I do love the colors. My favorite watercolor paper at the moment is Arches.

  2. Your cards are BEAUTIFUL Mayra!!!! And your coloring is perfect as always!! I love seeing the images you color! I only have the Zig Real Brush Pens and now I have the Arteza Real Brush pens! I'm not a colorist so they work great for me!!! LOL I'm excited to see your other colored images... Have a wonderful Weekend!


    1. Theresa, thank you so much for taking the time to comment!! You are awesome!!! I adore the Zig Real Brush Pens, I haven't tried the Arteza ones. I have heard good things about them.


  3. I think you are a fantastic watercolorist. Your cards look amazing. I read that first gal's comment and if these are "low quality" you sure rocked them! I can't really help with brands. I follow a gal named Karin Akesdotter and she does watercolors. Here's her latest watercolor post. She uses Daniel Smith's extra fine watercolors. at least on the post I linked. Maybe you can ask her a few questions on her blog? I think she is really talented. I think YOU are really talented, too and I look forward to seeing more of your watercolors. :)

    1. Jeanne, thank you so much!! You are such a ray of light and I can't thank you enough!! I will check out Karin's blog. Thank you for suggesting it.